Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before, After & After - Redo of Music Dresser

Hi Y'All - It's me again! 

Our next project was a redo of the dresser that Jennifer and I decoupaged with sheet music to enter in the Miss Mustard Seed's Copy Me Challenge.  To read about our MMS Copy Me Challenge, Click Here

Unfortunately, no one wanted to buy her all gussied up in her music outfit, so a change was on our to-do list.

Poor little thing was stripped of her music - every last note was removed.  Let me just say for the record, that stripping Modge Podge is almost like stripping the marshmallow creme mixture used to make Rick Krispie treats. What a mess - sticky, gooey and yucky!  The process didn't really take long though.  And I think it will be worth it in the end.

This dresser was purchased on Craig's List and she came to us like this.

 Here is how she looked for the Copy Me Challenge.  We did place in the top 5 and that was exciting!

1st After
Here she is all stripped and ready for her new colors and finishes.  For some strange reason, the top looks white.  However, it is wood, just like the drawers.  Must be the sunshine pouring in the garage.  These mid 70 temperatures are wonderful!  The top and drawers were sanded, but only because the wood had been subjected to chemicals and I wanted to make certain that the surfaces were smooth and ready for the paint. 

This little dresser is pretty straightforward.  Not a lot of curves - just those great ones on the top.  I want to run my hand along the edge every time I pass by.

The top was stained with MinWax Dark Walnut Wood Finish.  Two coats were applied to make the wood rich and dark.  The stain was left on for a bit, but wiped off before it became tacky.  After the top cured, it was waxed with Annie's dark wax and buffed to a soft shine.
MinWax Dark Walnut
The body of the dresser was painted with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White.

It's here, I promise!  Old White - Annie Sloan

 The dresser drawers were painted with Louis Blue. 

Annie's Louis Blue
The last step was to apply Annie's clear wax to the remaining parts of the dresser - the drawers and the body and then polish them for as long as my arms last.

Here's the final shot!  We think she's ready for her close up and we hope that someone wants to take her home.

Oopsie - I haven't added the final shot yet!  Sorry!  Cindy, you were too quick for me!  I'll take it and post it in a bit.  I'd forgotten that I set this post to appear automatically.  I just love that feature - but I really should get my ducks in a row, eh?  =)


Here are the after after photos!

This photo taken with flash, but color is most true.
Dragged dresser into room with light.  But color looks much darker.  Strange!

Had trouble with sticking drawers and asked Miss Mustard Seed for advice. 
She said that she only paints the drawer fronts!  Works for me!

 What kind of knobs would you choose?
The before dresser had wooden ones.  Too boring, I think.
The music dresser had glass knobs.  Too predictable, I think.

What do YOU think?


Cindy said...

Maybe it's just me, but where is the final shot? Looking forward to seeing the close up. :)

Kathy said...

It looks wonderful - perhaps knobs that are whimsical - flower shaped - star shaped or something would be nice.
Lovely both looks!
If drawers stick rub old candlesticks along the edges of the wood that meet as the drawer slides - this should help the stickiness.
Thanks for stopping by and your well wishes - almost human - went out today and feel weak as a kitten still!

Lilybets said...

I would love especially the first look,but If you will ad some dcorations I think It will be beautiful too!.

hilary @ the upcycle furniture co. said...

it is beautiful! love the blue... use glass knobs ( i think ) everything needs a little sparkle! : ) thanks for visiting me today! : )

Samantha said...

What a great Craigslist find. I am searching for something similar for my entry way. Great inspiration for color once I find my piece. Glass knobs for sure!
:) crafty texas girls