Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer, Vacation & This & That


We Love Summer!
We Love The Beach - any beach will do!
We love being in and around water - almost any water will do!

Look at that face!  YaYa's in love!  (Added by Paula!)
This is Noble's new summer haircut!  Easy.  We like that.

This photo was taken last year on vacation - see that smile on Noble's face? 
He loves to play in water.  Pool, beach, hose - he doesn't care, just as long as he can get wet!

We have been MIA because we've been in the pool everyday teaching
Noble how to swim & fine tuning the potty training....
because we're going here for....


(Magic Kingdom)

(Hollywood Studios)

(Typhoon Lagoon)

We're trying to explain to Noble that he will get to see
Mickey, trains, dinosaurs, fireworks and so many other things. 
We cannot wait to see the look on his sweet
little face when he sees the parks for the first time! 
We know that it's going to be hot, so we are spending extra time
outside in our 100 degree temps to acclimate ourselves to the heat. 


Here are a few pictures of the garden.

Geraniums - the first time ever that geraniums have survived this long for us!  We're excited!

Okra, Squash, Lettuce, Petunias
The squash has blooms, but so far no baby squash. 
The petunias were moved closer to encourage those little
pollinating insects to drop by and stay a while.
At the top left corner...I'm in love with this old screen door.  It has fading pink paint.
Roses & Hydrangeas along the side of our house & a rogue beach ball.

Tomatoes, Beans, Corn, Radishes, & Carrotts
Some little critters are chewing the leaves off of the radishes.  Grrrrr.
The tomato plant leaves are turning yellow, and we don't know why. 

Furniture Painting
We've also been painting some our own furniture pieces and we are almost
ready to share our before & afters. They've been on the "to-do" list forever.
The leftover furniture from Round Top is making it out the door by way of Craig's List.  We like that!
Once the leftovers are sold, we will shop, redo and paint again - that will be fun! 

What About You?
Please leave us a comment and let us know what you've been doing. 
We're also behind on reading blogs, but we're trying to get caught up!
Y'all have been busy!


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