Monday, February 28, 2011

Before & After

I have 2 new blogs I want to share. 
Some of you may already know about them,
but I wanted to share some of their DIY projects. 
Looking at their before & afters have made me look at furniture differently. 
It also taught me what to look for while searching CL.

**Photos below are by Holly & Sean from Life In The Fun Lane**

**Check out her Country Cabinet, I love how she placed those books - - with the pages facing out**

Holly's headboard before


I now know to look for scroll legs, scalloped bottom, & sweet detail on the drawers.

Harp Chair

I love how Holly made this Sheet Music skirt for this dresser. 
Click Here for a tutorial on how to make it.

My favorite is this China Cabinet.

This China cabinet has scroll legs, scalloped bottom, & sweet detailing.

The next new favorite blog to read is Stories Of A House

I am definitely looking for this dresser! I love the color blue she used in this.

Dresser Before

Dresser After

(When you go to her blog, you can see wonderful details of this beautiful dresser)

After reading these 2 blogs, I went out & found a dresser with details.  I can't wait to show it.
I've been begging to keep it & sell my dresser ... mom says no!
It's so hard because you find what you love, but you can't keep it. 
C'est La Vie!

P.S. Have  you ever wondered how Anthropologie creates those amazing window displays??  Get The Scoop Here

Jennifer Lynette

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arkansas, Auctions and Advice

Hi Y'all, this is Paula -

Ok.  I'm going to break all kinds of blog rules right now.  First rule to bite the dust is: photos.  There will be no photos!  We just haven't had a chance to use the camera.  However, we did raid our storage building and found our camera lenses.  That excites us!  Second rule to bite the dust is:  share something worthy.  This is just a little note to let you all know that we are out of pocket and what we are doing.

Last night Jennifer and I were able to do something that we haven't done in several years.  We went to an auction!  We had such fun.  The last auction that I'd been to at Pinnacle Auctions was over 8 years ago but I was still in the system and I got my old number.  How much fun is that?  =)  We'll share what we found next week.  Our favorites were a pink petticoat and a neat red and white dress, maybe from the 50s.  The dress has the cutest ruffled collar. 

Today we hit a little thrift store and we found some treasures.  We didn't know what to load in the car first!  The most unusual items we found were porcelain refrigerator containers.  One says "meat" and the other "vegetables".  If it wasn't dark as pitch I'd photograph them now.  They are so cute and I can't wait for you to see them.

Our search for more items to take to Round Top , TX was a success, and that was our goal.

No painting for us this week.  We had rain almost every day or the humidity was just too high for painting.  We knew that the paint would take forever to dry.  But we did do sanding and a bit of patching that needed to be done before painting.  Hoping for perfect painting weather next week.

Watch for photos of our finds soon!

Now we need your advice.  If you had a space to fill for a flea market or antique show, what would you take? I've asked this before, but I'm gonna keep on asking - what are you on the hunt for?  What item eludes you?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lulu's Lab

Last week we found an Antique Mall while picking up a dresser on CL.  Noble found these...

You just never know what you'll find, or what Noble will.
He is either wanting to roller skate around the house or ...

ride his half put together cozy coupe around the house. 
Here, he is saying YaYa, which is what he calls Paula.

Brocante Sign

The sign began as a piece of leftover wood that is 35 inches wide and 12 inches tall. 
After sanding it down and getting it smooth on all sides, a layer of Behr Black Satin
paint was added.  Next came a layer of white paint, followed by Martha Stuart's
Ballet Slipper and then a coat of Benjamin Moore's Ice Blue Silver.  The last coat
was another coat of white.  The plan was to have all of the colors show through when
the piece was sanded.  (As you can see in the photo, that really didn't happen!)  The
pink paint is what came shining through!  That's ok though, who doesn't like pink?

The letters were printed on the computer and traced onto the wood and painted with
Black Satin.  After drying, the glazing began.  The glaze was mixed as we went along,
 using Folk Art Mushroom & Fawn but it wasn't the look I was going for.  Shopping on
our paint shelf didn't give me many choices.  Brown was needed, but there wasn't any
to be found, except some Walnut stain.  So, Walnut Stain by minwax it was.  Using a
 light hand, the stain was applied and immediately wiped off.  Ooo - too brown!  Back
to the Black Satin.  The black was applied, again with a light touch and immediately
wiped off.  Sanding was next, using the palm sander and following the grain of the
wood.  All of the little indentions in the wood make the piece look like it's been beat
up a bit and that is pleasing to me.  Love what the sanding provided - that worn,
I've-been-out-in-the-weather look.  Even though this didn't turn out exactly as
planned, I still like it!  All it needs is a saw-tooth hanger and it's good to go! 

Ink Bottles
A few weeks ago, I found ink bottles at a local estate sale.  There were boxes and boxes of them and I drooled!  As soon as my eyes landed on the tables of bottles in the back yard I was on the move.  They are gorgeously etched and the colors are unbelievable.  I love them.
Last week I dressed these up.  Some vintage lace, a rhinestone earring, mother of pearl buttons, a bit of seam binding and some faux pearls and they turn all girlie on me!  They make me smile because it looks like they have on little dresses.

Old Tart Tins
My friend, Grace, made some last year.  And I wanted to try my hand at them.
I aged the paper with Tim Holtz Antique Linen, & then a light pink colored stamp ink.
Then I glued them as best as I could and covered the edges with Silver German Glass Glitter.

I have been anxiously awaiting Easter Egg Dye!

For Coffee Filters...

To make paper flowers.

I've tried the food coloring, which is now a gel; and it doesn't work as well. 
But the Easter Egg Dye does a fantastic job.

As I dyed the coffee filters last night, I also tea stained tags...
Now I can get to those projects that have been calling my name!
Photos to come!  Fun, fun!

Jennifer Lynette

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Huge Thank You & Welcome!

Hi Y'all - this is Paula,

  Thanks to all of our new followers for visiting Lulu's and for joining us!  We are so excited to have reached the landmark of having 30 followers! 

Jennifer and I think that we should have a giveaway when we reach 50 followers!

When we are at Round Top at the end of March we will search the tents and fields for some perfect goodies to share with one lucky follower!  Since we love the hunt, that will be perfect!

Welcome to Lulu's! 

Pretty Things For You

 We are glad that you are here and we look forward to getting to know each of you.  Give us some time and we'll visit you. 

Being in the top 5 of Miss Mustard Seed's Copy Me Challenge was such a treat!  Truthfully, we did not expect to win and the competition was really fun.  We enjoyed redoing the little dresser and then snazzing her up MMS style! 

Appointments with the doctor prevented me from painting today and tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.  My garage is telling me that I need to get on with the painting! 

Yesterday while at Home Depot we picked up some French Grey (Behr), had the paint guy mix us some Heirloom White and also got the polycrylic that MMS talked about.  So I think we are ready to go in the paint department!  I still can't decide on a glaze.  I did distress and glaze a sign that Jennifer painted.  What I did could never be replicated though - too many kinds and colors of paint!  So a decision needs to be made.  Hoping to return to HD or head to Lowe's tomorrow and figure out the glaze color. 

Again, we appreciate those of you who are new followers.  Thanks so much!

**P.S. Be sure to check out Free Pretty Things For You (if you haven't already) for those cute graphics!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Copy Me

We are so delighted to have made the Top 5 in Miss Mustard Seed's Copy Me Challenge! 

We've been anxiously awaiting the results & alas we were like kids on Christmas morning!

Here are some of our pictures of the vignette we entered in the challenge.
Miss Mustard Seed, did you really throw away your old ballet slippers?!?  Say it isn't so!!! 
Those could've been included in my the prize package. =) 
I've been searching for used ballet slippers and I've even entered contests trying to win a pair! 
Can't you just see them hanging on the left of this white frame now in all their pink and silky perfection?

To read the full blog click here.

For the blog on the wreaths click here.

We've enjoyed reading several of the people who entered.
Especially You're talking too much.  Rebecca is hilarious and has a way with words.

Jennifer Lynette

(we're hoping for a more subdued week with no visits from a plumber or a handyman ...
the backed up pipes were caused by a toddler flushing a sock down the toilette)

Hi Y'all - Paula here.  I just had to add my 2 cents worth!

First, we are so honored that MMS chose us to be in her top 5.  That is such an exciting thing for us.  I think that the time between 8:30 & 9:00 tonight dragged on for-e-ver!.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, MMS!  You have made our year!  Second, after seeing our photos on MMS's blog, we realized the need to work on our photography skills.  =(  We have some work to do!  We love everything that MMS does and try to copy her at every available opportunity!  We actually copied a few things before the music dresser.  Painting and distressing some furniture?  Check.  Results?  Ok.  German Glass Glittered letters for Christmas?  Check.  Results?  Very good.  Slipcover out of a drop cloth?  Check.  Were my results the same as MMS's?  I don't think so.  I should really blog about this's just sad

No Bon-bons and Mani/Pedi's for us!

Hi Y'all - This is Paula -

We are busy girls - sanding, painting, sanding, glazing and stepping back to critique our work.  No time for girly things!  Although a bon-bon would taste really good.
Where has the week gone? Today begins a brand new week with new possibilities.

By now I had hoped to share photos of what we found last weekend followed by photos of what we had done with each item. But that isn't going to happen. Our house is on the market and we've had two showings this week. Lots of scurrying to clean and tidy and then be away from home. On top of that our washer overflowed. Doesn't that sound
like fun? The floors in the laundry room and office area have been washed and rinsed
and Mr. Rooter is very nice!

I will show you what we have found and the progress we have made so far.  The CL pickins have been very slim this week. Maybe next week will pick up a bit. Round Top is bearing down on us and we have much to finish. We are having such fun though, even if we are a bit overwhelmed at times. =)

Pretty frame with eggdrop trim
This little eggdrop frame will be painted and glazed.

Tremeau found on CL

The tremeau was painted antique white and turquoise.
(Always forget those "before" photos.) 
We sprayed it with Heirloom White and will add some glazing
and a touch of distressing.

Top of hutch before
It has curves galore & spindles on the sides.

Bottom of hutch before.
Love the curvy top, bottom and legs.  How girlie is this?

Lots of sanding for this one, it had been well loved.  So far both the top and the bottom have gotten two coats of primer.  The back of the top unit will be painted Ice Cube Silver by Benjamin Moore.  It's one of my favorite light blues.

More to come!

What are you working on?
How are you going to make it your own?
What are you looking for?

My heart is yearning for a huge china cabinet or hutch to redo.  The search continues!

Inquiring Minds Just Want to Know

Hi Y'all - This is Paula -

Hope all of you are doing well.  In a previous post (Finding Something Extraordinary) I asked you if you knew from looking at the photo what our extraordinary find was.  
We found old pipes from a pipe organ! 
 I certainly never expected to find organ pipes!  But what a fun treat!
Aren't they beautiful?  These particular pipes are square and made of wood. 
When air is forced through the end they make the most delightful sound! 

Pipes from an old organ.
I love pipe organs.  I love for the music played from them to rattle the room.  I fear that pipe organs are a dying art.  Most churches find them too expensive these days.
  The music that they produce makes my soul sing.

Pipe organ console in Atlantic City, New Jersey

To read more about this organ go here:

The largest pipe organ in the world is in the Atlantic City Convention Center in New Jersey.  Unfortunately the organ does not work.  During renovations a worker cut the cable because it was in his way and some sites say that the organ is inoperable.  A tour of the organ takes four and a half hours.  Look at that keyboard!  Can you imagine sitting on the bench playing this instrument?

Pipes from organ in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Great photo of some of the pipes for the organ in Atlantic City.  The convention center actually has two organs.  One is in the ballroom and is a theater type organ. 
This organ is in the main auditorium. 
What a pity that it does not play.  I bet this baby could do some rattling! 

Organ in the Grand Court at Macy's in Philadelphia
To read more about Macy's organ, go here:

To hear the flash mob and the organ, go here:

The second largest organ and largest playing organ in the US in is Macy's Department Store in Philadelphia.  If any of you saw the flash mob video with a choir singing the "Hallelujah Chorus", then you heard this organ. 

Design and art takes many forms.  We see art and get ideas for design everywhere we look.  It's important to open our minds and look at what we see so that our own imaginations will spark and new ideas will be born.

Who thought that I would find organ pipes in a garage in Dallas?  Not me!  But I love them because they speak to me.

What does this have to do with anything?  Well, I think that each of us have
different "touch points".  What we see, hear, feel, touch and smell causes certain
reactions in each of us.  I think that these reactions cause us to "create". 
We create things that speak to us, that mean something to us.  
Music is one of my touch points.  Hearing these organs and the
singers produce fabulous music causes many reactions for me. 
My creativity is sparked.  My juices are flowing.  The goose bumps appear - and that's a wonderful feeling - to be moved by something. 
It makes me feel alive!

What moves you?
What causes reactions for you? 
What sparks your imagination?
 What do you see, hear, feel, touch or smell sends you to the craft room to make something or to your shop to create something wonderful to share? 
What inspires you to design?
May your senses be inspired this week.
You never know where you might find that "thing" that sends you to create.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do You Gussy Up Your Fleur Pots?

Hi Y'all - Paula here.
Take a look at the flower pots that Jennifer gussied up! 

Aren't they the cutest things ever?  Wouldn't your Spring flowers love to grow big and strong in one of these?

 Looks like this one is all ready -for some tulips.  We like tulips.

We are ready for Spring fleurs.

Jennifer painted terra cotta pots with craft paint.
She added burlap, lace, twine and a touch of seam binding. 

Labels for the pots were cut out on the Cricut
 and Jennifer used a calligraphy pen was used for tagging them.
If you decorate your fleur pots, we'd love to see them. 
Leave us a comment and a link and we'll follow it!

     Do you like fleurs?  What are your favorites? 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finding Something Extraordinary

Hi Ya'll, This is Paula!

Jennifer and I were able to go to some estate sales Saturday.  We found some great items, but these were our most fun find.

Do you know what they are?  Several people at the sale asked me and one wanted to take them from me, but I held on to the box!

Most of them will be sold, but I will keep a few to enjoy and admire.  Plus, when air is blown through the ends, they make the most beautiful sound. 

This is one of our favorite finds!  It's all in the hunt and I do love the hunt! 

Ok - what did we find?  Do you know?  =)

What is your most favorite find?  Where did you find it?  Do you still have it?  Are you hunting for something special that you haven't found yet?  (White ironstone dishes are eluding me!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Things (& People) we

by the Southern Shop Girls

We love this photo of a street in Paris.
One of us has been there (a long time ago) and hopes to go again. 
 The other one is itching to get there.
Looking for Love by Irene (for sale on Etsy)
We love this photo of the Eiffel Tower.
City of Love by Irene  (for sale on Etsy)
 Irene uses a special lens that turns these spectacular lights into hearts.

Irene is an amazing artist and photographer.  
Truthfully, we love all of her photographs. 

Old ballet shoes just say love to us! Plus, they are pink!
Kate Thompson Heap of Ballet Shoes

We love Jane Eyre - Jennifer is reading it now.
But we like this copy especially because it's pink!
We are on the hunt for this particular book.
by Candice from Sense & Sensibility

We love Spring Time!
It's like a new beginning.

We love Forsythia - it says Spring to us.
When these begin blooming, we know Spring isn't far behind.
Image for sale by Ara133 Photography

We love Cherry blossoms, although we've never seen them in person.
Maybe we will one day.
A Little Flirty by Irene

We love Ranuncula's, even though we can't seem to grow them.
We have seen fields of them in California. They are amazing.
We are going to keep trying to grow them though.  We are not giving up! 
Nostalgia by Irene

We love, love this blue sofa! One day we'd love to have one like it! =)
We are on the hunt!
Photo from Country Living.

But most of all, we love our family!

Noble - 3 years old.  Fall 2010.
Mom and YaYa love this boy!

Noble & B-Da
Noble's 1st Birthday.  Look how much he's grown!  Mercy, that happens fast.
We haven't decided if we should call B-Da Mr. Lulu or Mr. Southern Shop Girl! LOL!

We love both of these boys too!

And we love all of you!  Thanks for visiting!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Please leave a comment and tell us
what or whom you love.