Friday, February 11, 2011

MMS & FJD's Copy Me Challenge

The Girls of Lulu's Designs are entering the Copy Me Challenge!
Copy Me Challenge

When Miss Mustard Seed & Funky Junk Donna posted the Copy Me Challenge,
we knew immediately which project we wanted to tackle.
Here is Miss Mustard Seed's Project.  Look at that color.  Look at those curves.  Look at that stuff!
The first thing on our list was to find a dresser to use. 
After searching for several days, this dresser was purchased from a Craig's List seller. 
Dresser with Squeaker-Bud cat sauntering by on the left!
Because of below freezing temps, we were forced to do our painting in the house. 
That meant no paint spraying from a can or a sprayer.  
We were sad because we love to use the paint sprayer! 
The dresser required a light sanding and then good wipe-down. 

Because the dresser had a coat of varnish or something like that that made it super shiny, we decided to use a primer.  We had a gallon of Kilz on hand, so we painted on two coats and let it dry overnight.

Time for paint! 
We wanted a contrast between the color of the aged sheet music, so we decided to use white paint from Behr.  For ages purchasing Floetrol has been on our to-get-list.  When we saw it on the shelf at Home Depot we couldn't wait to get it in our cart!  It was great.  The brush strokes after drying were minimal.  However, there were some dripping problems which meant sanding and repainting a few areas.  That was ok, it was a learning process.  Next time we'll know better how to control that. 
Good stuff!
Here is our version of the sheet music dresser all gussied up and ready for her close up! 
Isn't she gorgeous?
Couldn't you just eat her up?!? 

Look at that old music!  Can you see "Lucille" on the drawer right there? 
As close to Lulu's as we could get!  We love the different shades of the music.  All of those oldie colors show up just fine.  We wondered who touched this music before us.  Who played the piano and sang?  Who heard it and smiled?  Old things with such great history touch us and we fall in love.

We used glass drawer pulls that we had on hand. 
Clear on the top and bottom drawers and larger pink ones on the middle drawer.
More yummy shades of color on the top.  Mmmmm.
The music wreath is a special order that we made. 
Dyed coffee filters, some pink tulle and a lace flower top it off. 

And of course, what vignette for a MMS challenge would be complete without some German glass glitter letters?  These happen to spell "LOVE" just in time for Valentine's Day. 
After all, MMS is THE German glass glitter queen! 

We added a concrete yard angel.  She actually lives indoors though. 
Isn't she sweet?  She wanted bling and we provided it for her. 
Doesn't every MMS follower love bling?  I mean bling and simple just go together, don't they?

A little silver bowl filled with shredded sheet music and pastel eggs provide
a reminder of  Springtime to come and new beginnings.

We love the white ironstone pitcher with lavender and it smells yummy. Look at that handle.  Wow!
The starfish reminds us of time spent at the beach and warm sunny days playing
in the sand and listening to the waves crash on the shore.

In the little silver bowl is antique German lace and it was probably all handmade.
Just think of the hours that went into that. 
And we thought dealing with bubbles while doing decoupage was difficult!

Oh yes, we even copied MMS's shabby lampshade and little stack of books.  
We are shameless, aren't we?  =)
The photos on the lampshade are family.  
The photo of the young girl on the right of the lampshade is our grandma and great-grandma Ocie. 
 The photo on the left of the lampshade is our mom and mamoo. 
She looks a bit mischievous, doesn't she?  She probably was since she had eight brothers and sisters!She's now 81 and has dementia.  She's just a happy little girl in this photo!  We like that.

Hanging from the shabby lampshade is a vintage French Chateau key hung with pink seam binding.
 It's our bit of rust as a tribute to Funky Junk Donna.  We wanted to do rusty and enter with
you too Donna, but who knew that decoupage would take so stinking long? 
We love your style and tip our hats to you!
We adore the child's glass pink butter pat. Hmmm, can we sell it?

A beautiful Christening gown that we found on Etsy and picked up in a city near us to have it in time.
Yes, MMS, we went to great lengths to copy you and your style!

A close up of the pink German glass glitter letters.  Oh so shiny and beautiful.  They twinkle.  We likie!
 MMS has given us a new appreciate of all things beautiful. 
And all things are beautiful, even if they are worn and old and smell funny -
you know like mothballs, or old houses. 
That's what the sheet music smelled like. 
We learned to love that smell because it took us back in time while we were Modge-Podging.

When we finished photographing our vignette, we wondered why our home doesn't
look like this one little dresser with all of these things that we love. 
We think we are headed in a new direction! 
Thanks Miss Mustard Seed for showing us the way! 
It's been fun and we look forward to what's ahead! 

Now where's that paintbrush, paint, sandpaper and piece of
brown furniture that we've decided to redo?

Come on y'all, leave a comment.  Make our day!  Just say Hi!
Jennifer and Paula
The Girls of Lulu's Designs &


stefanie said...

oh, I am clapping for you right now!!!! its gorgeous!!!

Southern Shop Girls said...

Thanks Stephanie!

Lilybets said...

This is a very professional tutorial!.Thank you!.When I see pictures like yours I recognise a real artist,with a special sensitivity to create style and design!.Gorgeus!!!.I'm sorry because I can't visit your second blog,because I have some problem to open it,but happens because we are very far!.I will try again!.You are very welcome in my blog!!!.

Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Lilybets!

Thanks so much for your kind words. When working with things you love it's easyh to be artistic, I think, don't you? My daughter Jennifer took most of the pictures. She did a great job, didn't she?

Thanks so much for visiting!

High Street Cottage said...

Wow! This turned out great! I love what you did with the frame and the sort of wreath inside, and the gown is darling. Fantastic job ladies!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! You sure "orchestrated" a great piece! ;-)

Barbara Jean said...

Great job!
Off to see what else is new here.

hugs and blessings
barbara jean

Lynda said...

This looks just like her work! Great job!

driftwoodesign said...


Penny of This-N-That said...

Wow!! Congratulations on being in the top five of the copy me challenge. Love what you did and best of luck!


Kaitlin said...

You have done such a great job with this project! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Southern Shop Girls said...

Thanks Kaitlin! We had such fun with the dresser. Thanks too, for stopping by. Would love to see photos of your apartment and what you are doing to it.


Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Penny,

Thanks so much!

The hunt is "it" for me too. I can't wait to look at your blog and see some of your finds and how you used them.

Hope that you will visit us again and thanks for commenting!


Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi High Street Cottage,

You are so kind. Isn't the gown cute? Jennifer found it on Etsy. It's so soft and it looks like it has been used and loved. Those are my favorite kinds of things.

I love all of the flower-talk on your blog. I'm so ready to begin planting - but the season of Jack Frost isn't quite over for us yet.

Come again soon!

Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Junker Newbie Stephanie,

Thanks for popping by! I love your comment - so cute and clever.

Your words are much appreciated.

Visit again soon!


Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

Thanks so much for your sweet note to us. We appreciate each and every comment that we get!

You've opened a gift shop! Congrats to you! Jennifer and I are hoping to have a shop one day. You'll have to share with us how you started and other words of wisdom. =) God is good!

Can't wait to look at your blog more thoroughly.


Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Lynda,

What a compliment! Thank you! I'd love to be on the level of MMS!

Isn't crafting the messiest? I think it's almost as messy as cooking and I am a messy cook. I like the crafting part, but not the cleaning up part. Same with cooking.

Can't wait to check out your blog. Jennifer and I are new to this too and sometimes I wonder if there are others out there as well. I've done a lot of lurking but not much commenting. =)


Southern Shop Girls said...

Can you all tell that I have much to learn? Surely there is a way to reply to each person under their comment, but I don't know how to do that. So much to learn!

Jennifer will swoon when she sees the number of coments here - she just won't realize until she clicks in that half of them are me! =)

Thanks to all of you for "talking" to us - it means so much. I know how busy everyone is and time is a precious gift.


trash talk said...

Love it! Y'all must have the patience of a saint. I'd probably end up gluing me to the dresser!