Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kitchen Before & After

Hi Y'all - this is Paula!

Hope that all of you had a great Mother's Day.  We were in Arkansas for the weekend and we enjoyed seeing our family. 

Here is a before photo of our kitchen.  The walls are yellow - not a good representation of the color in this photo, but for me yellow is difficult to photograph.  The counter tops are Corian and the cabinets are cherry.  The only back splash on the left side of the photo was a patch of green tiles that were behind the cook top.  The rest of the area was covered with wall paper when we moved in and we couldn't wait to rip it off!  Trying to decide what to put with white counter tops was difficult so I just ignored the green tile and let the rest slide.  Sometimes making decisions is difficult for me!  I think I'm always afraid of making a huge mistake!  The kitchen was on our list to redo and rework but then we decided to put our house on the market. 

Below is a photo after the new back splash has been attached.  We love the change it has made in the kitchen.  Will prospective buyers like it?  Well, so far we've had no offers since it was put in, but hopefully the right person will come along and love it too! 

The walls were painted Light French Gray by Behr, the same as the dining room.  We love the color and everything is clean!  =)
Click Here for the blog about the back splash.  Here are the ugly green tiles that we looked at for eight long years...why I didn't remove them earlier, I will never know.

Another photo of the new "tin" back splash below.  The cabinets are not actually this dark.  You can tell that I tried to tweak the photos to show the true cabinet color, but could not make them lighter.  Sorry y'all.  Still learning here!

This afternoon we are picking up new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors!  We are so excited and can't wait to get out our brushes and begin a few new projects. 

Right now I'm headed to the garage to build (Hahahaha!) a stand to set my garden buckets on.  We don't have enough yard space that gets enough sun for planting a few vegetables.  I priced building a raised garden bed, buying galvanized watering troughs and other ways to have some large containers of dirt.  I finally found some large plastic tubs at Dollar General that were only $8 each.  If they sit directly on the patio, the pesky fire ants find their way to the dirt.  Today I'm going to "attempt" to build a platform for them to sit on.  This should be interesting!  If I don't injure myself in the process, I'll show you some photos later!  =)

What are you working on?  We'd love to see!

I'm not certain how the box appeared! Oh well...

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