Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before & After - French Coffee Table

Hi Y'all - it's Paula!

This set of B & A's is of a French Coffee Table. Jennifer and I purchased this table and several more items at an estate sale.  This project was completed before we got our Chalk Paint, but it's still gorgeous. The subtlety of the gray is something that I'm learning to like more and more.  The table was painted with Behr's Manhattan Mist and then topped off with a coat of MinWax. The before photos have escaped me. Just imagine a Maple-e color coffee table.

The curvy legs and sides just make me want to smile!  So pretty. 

Love these streaks of dark on the top. 
My carpet isn't really brown, but oddly enough, the coffee table color looks true. It's a gray with a hint of blue, not much, just a tad.

The table was waxed- with dark Minwax for furniture and buffed with my own little arms.  Is there such a thing as a furniture buffer?  I'm gonna check on that one!

Coming up next - a French Desk makeover!


High Street Cottage said...

That coffee table has got good legs;)
All joking aside, it really does. They're so pretty and French. A lovely find, and you did a wonderful job on the finish.

Cindy said...

I just refurbished a table just like it,such pretty lines! Love the color you chose!

Amy Kinser said...

okay...please share the minwax step with me. not sure about this.