Monday, May 23, 2011

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary...

Hi Y'all - It's Paula!

How does our garden grow?  So far, so good!

Almost everything is planted, some from seeds and some from plants.

My habit is to gather seeds from flowers as they begin to fade during the summer, so I have about three bags of Zinnia seeds and one bag of sunflower seeds that need containers or an empty inch or two in a flower bed.

Since yard space is hard to come by, every kind of container that I could lay my hands on was used this summer for planting, and I do mean every kind!  Even those big buckets that cat litter comes in were scrubbed, drainage holes were drilled, dirt was added, and seeds were planted!  Porcelain dish pans, a huge galvanized tub and two galvanized buckets were put to work.  These items were taken with us to Round Top, didn't sell and they were just sitting in the garage, begging to be used.  So used they were!

These are our patio flowers.  Some people plant flowers in one color to unify their beds and pots.  Me?  I plant what I love, no matter what color! 

What do you do?

Vintage Iron Hanger filled with Moss Rose & Begonias. 
Moss Rose is sometimes a Perennial for me.
Begonias are Annuals.

Carnations.  These smell heavenly! 
Considered by some to be a humble, lowly flower, but
when growing they contribute the most wonderful aroma to the garden. 

Cosmos.  New to me this year.  Do you grow these flowers?
 Gerbera Daisy - this one is hot pink. 
Some call these Gerber Daisies, but they are Gerberas to me!
One of our absolute favorites!
Perennial for me.

 Zinnias. Mixed colors.
Love Zinnias for cutting.
Perennials for me.

Flower new to me.  Can't remember the name.  It's raining.  Will look tomorrow.  Sorry!  =)  

Purple Petunias.  Usually have no luck with Petunias but I can't quit trying!
These need to be pruned, but it hurts my heart to do it, even though I
know the plant will benefit and be more beautiful in the end.  =) 
Do you think God ever feels that way when He is pruning us?  Can't help but wonder. 

White Petunias.
Petunias are annuals for me. 
Would love to have some heirlooms that come up year after year.
My parents have some and they are gorgeous! 
Not sure how to harvest Petunia seeds.  Anyone know?

Mixed five varieties of seeds in one container. 
We'll see what happens!
Annuals for me.

The Pool Bed - that's what we call this one.
The big vine is Jasmine and it smells wonderful in early Spring.  It just doesn't last very long.
Day Lillies.  Perennials.
The big bush plant that's hanging over the wall bed is a wonderful Hibiscus. 
The blooms on this plant are about 10 inches across and they are dark pink. 
It will bloom all summer.  It is cut back in the Fall and out it pops in the Spring. 
It's wonderful.  Wish it was fragrant!

Noble is sick.  Just woke up and wants me to hold him.  That request is never turned down!  His fever is up, bless his little heart.  If there are typos or errors, forgive me.  YaYa is on snuggle duty!

Will post veggie photos Monday.

Hope all of you had a great weekend and had the opportunity to do something you love!



AQlicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your flowers are so pretty! We were hoping to get some other things planted today but it pretty much rained all night so we are going to have to wait until it dries out some.Hope he is feeling better real soon!!

Cindy said...

So pretty! I have yet to plant many annuals...I need to get busy!
Happy Monday,