Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sickness at our House

Hi Y'all , this is Paula~

Hope you are all doing well.  We are passing around a virus at our house.  Yuck!  We seem to be taking turns and I'm ready for my turn to be over. 

Cartoon of a Sick Little Girl with a Thermometer in Her Mouth clipart

Veggies are growing so fast. We've had rain and that has helped. Today we had sunshine and I can see the green beans peeking over the top of the blue buckets from the patio door.  Go beans!

Hope that all of you have had a good week. Let us know what you've been up to.

What projects have your worked on?  Our to-do list is so long!  Hoping to feel better so that we can get back to work and make some space in the garage. 

Today is our 38th anniversary.  Rick sent me a gorgeous flower arrangement and he and Jennifer prepared the best steak dinner.  It was yummy!  Never too sick to eat!  =)

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Cindy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope you all get to feelling better so you can enjoy the holdiay weekend!