Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Est 1973

We got in our family name sign!  It's one of Mom's Christmas presents but she asked if she could open it - she loved it! It was even wrapped in tissue paper with a monogramed D and a thank you note from Susie.  She has some charming items for sale on her Etsy Shop.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Master Bath Remodel

We've always been do-it-ourself-ers, but a bathroom re-model was beyond a DIY project for us.  Even though I've managed remodels, I learned several things I'd like to share - it's different on this side of the project.  Be sure everything is ordered and all materials are at your house before beginning.  Sometimes backorders slow or stop the process.  Also, order extra.  The contractor even measured for tile and we still ended up short. Mom had to make several compromises but it still turned out great (I think).

I found these pictures of what the Master Bath looked like when we moved in.  It's amazing to see how much work we've put into this house.  This Master Bath Remodel was difficult.  The contractor did excellent work.  He caused drama and worked slowly to stretch out his hours for more pay.  LESSON: Pay by the job NOT by the hour.  Here is the before: (We did strip this wallpaper when we first moved in)

Here is the after:

Tearing out the shower wall opened up the room a lot.  Made the room more spacious.  However, choosing items is difficult because we prefer to use a true white rather than an off white or hues of brown.  This limited tiles to choose from.  Some tumbled marble has the white color in it but mom wasn't "lovin it."  For those reasons we went with the ceramic tile.  The 12x12 floor tile was laid on the diagonal to give the illusiuon of a larger space.  The 6x8 tub and shower tile was laid long ways to give a subway tile feel.  The contractor even made a tiled bench in the shower.  There is a decorative tile inset 1/3 of the way up the wall in the shower and tub. 

Mom originally wanted two pedestal sinks.  The contractor was unsure of himself installing pretty chrome plumbing.  Therefore, we went with this vanity.  It is black/brown with a Carrara marble top.  (Behind the vanity is white bead board).  I learned while searching and searching for this that Home Depot and Lowe's have this BUT they don't know that they have it.  =) 

There is also bead board in front of the tub.  The contractor built this:  He did a great job here!  We chose the larger base boards to install.  It gives a more formal look. 

The faucets are my favorite.  They are chrome.  We chose to go with chrome fixtures.  We thought it would sparkle and stand out against the white.  Not only are the faucets beautiful but they have a large height.  I can wash my hair under those faucets if I want. 

We installed 3" halogen lamps with the chrome fixture.  This house has those ugly 6" can lights.  We hate them.  Home Depot and Lowe's do not carry the kits (they have kits to insert in the 6" holes) to update these dinosaurs.  I searched and searched .... and searched.  Mom wanted the lighting Candice Olsen uses. (Her link, takes you to her typical beautiful bedroom with fab lighting).  Lamps Plus in Uptown Dallas has them (or you can order them online and wait a few days).  I also purchased a shower proof recessed halogen light from them as well.  The contractor did a fantastic job installing these lights & filling in with the sheet rock around them.  You can't even tell those gianormous can lights exisited here.

 We painted the walls (without bead board) and the ceiling with Benjamin Moore - Silvery Blue #1647.  It's a blue grey that we used in the Master Bedroom.   In the center of the vanity I filled an antique pitcher with pink and cream sweet pea's and hydrangea's. 
Several years ago, I was thrown into my first bathroom remodel without any guidance from the designer.  I was instructed to choose and order bathroom fixtures.  After installing the fixtures in the soaker tub, we learned that the spout wasn't long enough and the water wasn't running into the tub.  =)  Maybe someone can learn from my mistake.

 Items Purcahsed:


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Expect The Unexpected"

Problem: Mom has two color pallettes that she loves.  The reds and yellows of the French Country and the soft blues of the ocean.  Solution: Finding a way to infuse the two.  When we move to our next home, mom wants the same color to flow throughout the home. 
We walked through a Mercedes Model Home in McKinney and this design firm in Austin did a spectacular job in the decorating.  (I know from experience that creating a fabulous model home is difficult due to financial restraints).  This is one of the best that I've seen. 

The fresh balance of the light blue and red his hard to pull off, but if done correctly, it would be completely unexpected and beautiful.  To get the look, let one color take the lead and accent in the bold contrasting color. Also, use a lot of whites and ground the room with a few black elements.  Like this:

These examples came from Coastal Living:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Projects For Noble James

I wanted to show a few projects I've done for Noble.  The first, I completed before he was born.  (I saw something like this selling for $250 and decided I could do it myself).  I started out priming a large piece of canvas.  I used stencil letters and floated compound over the letters.  Leave the stencil on for awhile - long enough to let the compound dry.  After a few days of drying, I painted the letters with a tiny brush - very carefully.   Using the compound sets the letters off the canvas rather than just painting them on there.  I chose this verse for him to see everyday.  Something that I pray that will instill character in him. 
I just ordered this name frame from Emily's Chocolate Blue.  Her art is unique to each customer's wants.  She not only does 'birth announcements' but the possibilities are endless. On Noble's, it lists the time and date he was born, how much he weighed and his height.  I also chose a verse for Noble.  Something I pray for him to live by.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path."  Proverbs 3:5-6.

This project was my mom's idea.  There are always treasures to find on the beach.  We got a screw lid jar from walmart, filled it with sand, and added some things that Noble picked up on the beach.  It turned out so cute! It was an excellent year for shells...