Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lulu's Lab

Last week we found an Antique Mall while picking up a dresser on CL.  Noble found these...

You just never know what you'll find, or what Noble will.
He is either wanting to roller skate around the house or ...

ride his half put together cozy coupe around the house. 
Here, he is saying YaYa, which is what he calls Paula.

Brocante Sign

The sign began as a piece of leftover wood that is 35 inches wide and 12 inches tall. 
After sanding it down and getting it smooth on all sides, a layer of Behr Black Satin
paint was added.  Next came a layer of white paint, followed by Martha Stuart's
Ballet Slipper and then a coat of Benjamin Moore's Ice Blue Silver.  The last coat
was another coat of white.  The plan was to have all of the colors show through when
the piece was sanded.  (As you can see in the photo, that really didn't happen!)  The
pink paint is what came shining through!  That's ok though, who doesn't like pink?

The letters were printed on the computer and traced onto the wood and painted with
Black Satin.  After drying, the glazing began.  The glaze was mixed as we went along,
 using Folk Art Mushroom & Fawn but it wasn't the look I was going for.  Shopping on
our paint shelf didn't give me many choices.  Brown was needed, but there wasn't any
to be found, except some Walnut stain.  So, Walnut Stain by minwax it was.  Using a
 light hand, the stain was applied and immediately wiped off.  Ooo - too brown!  Back
to the Black Satin.  The black was applied, again with a light touch and immediately
wiped off.  Sanding was next, using the palm sander and following the grain of the
wood.  All of the little indentions in the wood make the piece look like it's been beat
up a bit and that is pleasing to me.  Love what the sanding provided - that worn,
I've-been-out-in-the-weather look.  Even though this didn't turn out exactly as
planned, I still like it!  All it needs is a saw-tooth hanger and it's good to go! 

Ink Bottles
A few weeks ago, I found ink bottles at a local estate sale.  There were boxes and boxes of them and I drooled!  As soon as my eyes landed on the tables of bottles in the back yard I was on the move.  They are gorgeously etched and the colors are unbelievable.  I love them.
Last week I dressed these up.  Some vintage lace, a rhinestone earring, mother of pearl buttons, a bit of seam binding and some faux pearls and they turn all girlie on me!  They make me smile because it looks like they have on little dresses.

Old Tart Tins
My friend, Grace, made some last year.  And I wanted to try my hand at them.
I aged the paper with Tim Holtz Antique Linen, & then a light pink colored stamp ink.
Then I glued them as best as I could and covered the edges with Silver German Glass Glitter.

I have been anxiously awaiting Easter Egg Dye!

For Coffee Filters...

To make paper flowers.

I've tried the food coloring, which is now a gel; and it doesn't work as well. 
But the Easter Egg Dye does a fantastic job.

As I dyed the coffee filters last night, I also tea stained tags...
Now I can get to those projects that have been calling my name!
Photos to come!  Fun, fun!

Jennifer Lynette


Anonymous said...

very pretty bottles, the look like they are all dressed up to go to a garden party.

Anonymous said...

very pretty bottles, the look like they are all dressed up to go to a garden party.

Southern Shop Girls said...

Hi Diane,

You are right! They do look ready for a garden party. So am I - ready for Spring and being outside.

Loved your blog on clocks. I too am yearning for a huge one, without a huge pricetag. The clocks made out of the globes and the alarm clocks were quite something! Very creative. Let me know when you find that huge one you are searching for!

Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Cool sign! I love the little bottles, too.
You asked about the lamp in one of the pictures in my last post. You can read the post on it here.