Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Things (& People) we

by the Southern Shop Girls

We love this photo of a street in Paris.
One of us has been there (a long time ago) and hopes to go again. 
 The other one is itching to get there.
Looking for Love by Irene (for sale on Etsy)
We love this photo of the Eiffel Tower.
City of Love by Irene  (for sale on Etsy)
 Irene uses a special lens that turns these spectacular lights into hearts.

Irene is an amazing artist and photographer.  
Truthfully, we love all of her photographs. 

Old ballet shoes just say love to us! Plus, they are pink!
Kate Thompson Heap of Ballet Shoes

We love Jane Eyre - Jennifer is reading it now.
But we like this copy especially because it's pink!
We are on the hunt for this particular book.
by Candice from Sense & Sensibility

We love Spring Time!
It's like a new beginning.

We love Forsythia - it says Spring to us.
When these begin blooming, we know Spring isn't far behind.
Image for sale by Ara133 Photography

We love Cherry blossoms, although we've never seen them in person.
Maybe we will one day.
A Little Flirty by Irene

We love Ranuncula's, even though we can't seem to grow them.
We have seen fields of them in California. They are amazing.
We are going to keep trying to grow them though.  We are not giving up! 
Nostalgia by Irene

We love, love this blue sofa! One day we'd love to have one like it! =)
We are on the hunt!
Photo from Country Living.

But most of all, we love our family!

Noble - 3 years old.  Fall 2010.
Mom and YaYa love this boy!

Noble & B-Da
Noble's 1st Birthday.  Look how much he's grown!  Mercy, that happens fast.
We haven't decided if we should call B-Da Mr. Lulu or Mr. Southern Shop Girl! LOL!

We love both of these boys too!

And we love all of you!  Thanks for visiting!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Please leave a comment and tell us
what or whom you love.

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