Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arkansas, Auctions and Advice

Hi Y'all, this is Paula -

Ok.  I'm going to break all kinds of blog rules right now.  First rule to bite the dust is: photos.  There will be no photos!  We just haven't had a chance to use the camera.  However, we did raid our storage building and found our camera lenses.  That excites us!  Second rule to bite the dust is:  share something worthy.  This is just a little note to let you all know that we are out of pocket and what we are doing.

Last night Jennifer and I were able to do something that we haven't done in several years.  We went to an auction!  We had such fun.  The last auction that I'd been to at Pinnacle Auctions was over 8 years ago but I was still in the system and I got my old number.  How much fun is that?  =)  We'll share what we found next week.  Our favorites were a pink petticoat and a neat red and white dress, maybe from the 50s.  The dress has the cutest ruffled collar. 

Today we hit a little thrift store and we found some treasures.  We didn't know what to load in the car first!  The most unusual items we found were porcelain refrigerator containers.  One says "meat" and the other "vegetables".  If it wasn't dark as pitch I'd photograph them now.  They are so cute and I can't wait for you to see them.

Our search for more items to take to Round Top , TX was a success, and that was our goal.

No painting for us this week.  We had rain almost every day or the humidity was just too high for painting.  We knew that the paint would take forever to dry.  But we did do sanding and a bit of patching that needed to be done before painting.  Hoping for perfect painting weather next week.

Watch for photos of our finds soon!

Now we need your advice.  If you had a space to fill for a flea market or antique show, what would you take? I've asked this before, but I'm gonna keep on asking - what are you on the hunt for?  What item eludes you?


trash talk said...

First things first...rules are made to be broken and I promise not to turn you over to the Blogger Police!
Second...there is no real way of knowing what will be "the" item at a show. Every market is different. With RT...there are so many people coming from so many different places, it's best to take what you feel good about. If it knocks your socks off...chances are it will someone else's. I'm taking a lot of "small" this time because that what seems to be hot here in Dallas. By smalls I mean accessories that can jazz up a spot like stools, ladders, cool lamps, microscopes, vintage sports gear, not a lot of little glassware. Ironstone is still strong and your crispers sound perfect. I'd call those!
Hope this helps.

Southern Shop Girls said...

You make us laugh. Dying to meet you. Thanks for the advice!

Kaitlin said...

Can't wait to see your finds! I am ALWAYS on the look out for glass Cloches especially tall ones, bird figurines, cameras, things I can display/collect in groups of five (weird? maybe :P ) and right now an affordable wardrobe armoire!

I hope the weather plays nice next week (i'm ready for no snow here)!

It's me said...

That beautiful silver bottle !! it is so so nice decorated here on table with a magnolia branch...beautiful please come and see my new post tomorrow !!!

thatsmyjob said...

Personally, I am on the hunt for pretty dishes....but I also think some people would be on the hunt for furniture items that you make "pretty".
Just stopping by! Can't wait to see what you all have been up to.

Love, Me