Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inquiring Minds Just Want to Know

Hi Y'all - This is Paula -

Hope all of you are doing well.  In a previous post (Finding Something Extraordinary) I asked you if you knew from looking at the photo what our extraordinary find was.  
We found old pipes from a pipe organ! 
 I certainly never expected to find organ pipes!  But what a fun treat!
Aren't they beautiful?  These particular pipes are square and made of wood. 
When air is forced through the end they make the most delightful sound! 

Pipes from an old organ.
I love pipe organs.  I love for the music played from them to rattle the room.  I fear that pipe organs are a dying art.  Most churches find them too expensive these days.
  The music that they produce makes my soul sing.

Pipe organ console in Atlantic City, New Jersey

To read more about this organ go here:

The largest pipe organ in the world is in the Atlantic City Convention Center in New Jersey.  Unfortunately the organ does not work.  During renovations a worker cut the cable because it was in his way and some sites say that the organ is inoperable.  A tour of the organ takes four and a half hours.  Look at that keyboard!  Can you imagine sitting on the bench playing this instrument?

Pipes from organ in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Great photo of some of the pipes for the organ in Atlantic City.  The convention center actually has two organs.  One is in the ballroom and is a theater type organ. 
This organ is in the main auditorium. 
What a pity that it does not play.  I bet this baby could do some rattling! 

Organ in the Grand Court at Macy's in Philadelphia
To read more about Macy's organ, go here:

To hear the flash mob and the organ, go here:

The second largest organ and largest playing organ in the US in is Macy's Department Store in Philadelphia.  If any of you saw the flash mob video with a choir singing the "Hallelujah Chorus", then you heard this organ. 

Design and art takes many forms.  We see art and get ideas for design everywhere we look.  It's important to open our minds and look at what we see so that our own imaginations will spark and new ideas will be born.

Who thought that I would find organ pipes in a garage in Dallas?  Not me!  But I love them because they speak to me.

What does this have to do with anything?  Well, I think that each of us have
different "touch points".  What we see, hear, feel, touch and smell causes certain
reactions in each of us.  I think that these reactions cause us to "create". 
We create things that speak to us, that mean something to us.  
Music is one of my touch points.  Hearing these organs and the
singers produce fabulous music causes many reactions for me. 
My creativity is sparked.  My juices are flowing.  The goose bumps appear - and that's a wonderful feeling - to be moved by something. 
It makes me feel alive!

What moves you?
What causes reactions for you? 
What sparks your imagination?
 What do you see, hear, feel, touch or smell sends you to the craft room to make something or to your shop to create something wonderful to share? 
What inspires you to design?
May your senses be inspired this week.
You never know where you might find that "thing" that sends you to create.

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