Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Henry Farms Spring 2011 - Our Space - 3rd Edition

Hi Y'all - this is Paula again...

Take a look at these last photos from Round Top.   Sorry for the fuzzy ones - I was playing with the Big Girl Camera and apparently I'm not a big enough girl to use it yet!  I'm going to keep trying and learning.  You know the drill!  We love comments to know that you were here!  =)

This Brocante sign didn't sell.  I repainted it and will post it soon.  That chalk paint is something else!


This is the hutch that the wind blew onto Jennifer!  And it was inside the tent!

These are the last of the Round Top photos.  I just found this post in the drafts.  Apparently I forgot all about it - so here you go.  Just a few final photos of our space.  It already seems like ages ago, until I look in the garage.  But we are making progress.  Several items have sold on CL and that's a good thing!


It's me said...

Woww that look great !!!!...i see beautiful things!! thing i have here in my house i enjoy it every day....that beautiful bottle !!...have a nice week love

High Street Cottage said...

Paula, the booth looks amazing! Your furniture is just beautiful and all your pretty vintage accessories. I see the bottles up there too, One can't know how beautiful they are until they have one, this I'll say. I have mine filled with a couple of gorgeous Tulips from my garden right now in soft pink. Perfect against the mercury glass. You girl's have talent! xxx tami

trash talk said...

Sure hope those mercury bottles weren't on top of that cabinet when it crashed and that Jennifer wasn't hurt. Ahh...the wind at RT. Doncha just love it...not!

Amy Kinser said...

Hey Paula,

What great stuff!

Ok, I have to tell you that I would love for you to have your email on your comments so that I could reply back to you and we could chat more. Right now it is no reply blogger.

I am excited for you to make your big move back home. My home has always been Tennessee and can't imagine otherwise.

Have a great day, Paula.