Tuesday, April 19, 2011

43 Down 7 to go - More Spring Cleaning & a Project Almost Finished!

 Hi Y'all - this is Paula!

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We now have 43 followers!  WhoooHooo!  Remember that when we hit the big 5-oh  we will have a Give-A-Way!  Jennifer and I scoured the area last weekend to search for just the perfect goodies to send to someone on our list.  We can't wait!  =)


Jennifer and I forgot that when we were Spring cleaning last week we didn't clean the bedroom side of the house.  So today we tackled that job and loved every minute of it!  I mean, who doesn't enjoy cleaning out closets and saying to self, "Why in the world did I ever buy that?; throwing out junk that has been accumulated; sneezing like mad because of all the dust; and finding dead bugs that have crawled under the bed or dresser.  Yuck!  Jennifer only spent four, count them 4, hours in her bathroom alone!  What does that tell us?!?  =)   I sure know what it tells me!!!  LOL!

I was so hoping to have photos to show you of the project that I did today, but it was too dark to take photos when I finished,  I'll photograph and show you tomorrow.  Here's a hint: the new neighbors who just moved in next door put out a shelf-like-thingy on the curb.  I saw it late one afternoon and thought, "I could surely do something with that."  So, when darkness covered the earth, I went out into the alley and took it!  Really, lugged is a better descriptive term because it was quite cumbersome.  Today I worked it over.  Removed shelves, added shelves, used the power saw!!!  I'm so proud of myself for measuring and cutting - and I only messed up one board.  Not bad for me.  I may be better at this wood stuff then I am at sewing.  When I sew I am forever ripping out.  Very impatient, I am.  Kind of difficult to be impatient when working with power tools - impatience could cause accidents!  More tomorrow!

Hope that all of you are having a good week - nothing too exciting and nothing too boring.  Just the perfect mix of weekday niceness.


It's me said...

Happy day darling....love Ria.....xxx...

Southern Shop Girls said...

Just to be clear, my bathroom isn't like one you would see on "How Clean Is Your House" on the BBC. =D


trash talk said...

I'm impressed. It takes me four hours just to make up my mind where to start!