Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes are Happening on Croston Drive...

Hi Y'all - It's Paula - again! 

Poor Jennifer has a sore throat.  This is usually the time of year she gets strep.  Praying she is better soon.  I said all of that to say that it's really her turn to post, for now you are stuck with me!  She is working anyway, bless her little heart.  She's using sign language - her own brand - so that she doesn't have to speak.  And she did write me one note on her phone in a text message.  =(

We are changing paint colors, touching up trim and having the best time.  NOT!  Painting is not one of our favorite activities.  But afterwards there is always a huge difference.  And we will have a huge difference!

If the sky doesn't get too cloudy, we'll have after shots to go with the befores. 

Gotta demo some tile!  Hoping I can do this.  I mean, how hard can it be?

Rick's out of town...while the cat's away....!  We are working lickety-split to be finished before he gets back on Thursday night.  Whew!  See y'all later!

We also need help & advice on how to spruce up several areas for no money and not much changing.  (Yes, the dreaded "brown" rooms and the humongous fireplace.  Dun, dun, dun.)

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