Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old Henry Farms during Round Top Spring 2011 - Our Space!

Hi Y'all - this is Paula~

Finally - photos of our space at Round Top!  The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I shall not talk, just show.  I will provide Titles for each group of photos.  This post may have to be divided into several viewings.  If you have questions - please ask.  You know how I love to talk!  =) 

Old Henry Farms - a relatively new venue~

Outside our tent~

A quick look inside our tent - we had one quarter of the space - the front right side.

More inside shots coming!  I cannot tell you how many times we arranged and rearranged this furniture - I lost count!  The wind was so strong that one day it blew over our very vintage small china hutch and it landed on Jennifer's back.  Thankfully no people or furniture were harmed.  Those were some strong winds!

More coming shortly...stay tuned!

BTW - we are almost to 50 followers and that means a treasure will be coming someone's way!  Watch for the giveaway when the timer moves to the big Five-O!  =)


It's me said...

Look at that !! what a great stuff!!,...have a nice week

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Wow, wish I could have been there :-)