Thursday, March 17, 2011

Too Pooped to Pop

Hi Y'all!  This is Paula

Who knew that preparing for Round Top would be so exhausting?  Who knew that for 5 days I would be covered in paint and higher than a kite from stripping products and paint fumes?  Who knew that Jennifer and I would long for a "real" paint sprayer to appear on our doorstep - immediately?  Who knew that we'd have as much fun cruising the aisles of Elliott's Hardware, Home Depot & Lowes looking for paint, hardware, wood, sandpaper and ideas as much as we like shopping for clothes?!?  Who knew that one could actually get a blister on a finger from using a paint brush so much?  Who knew that after buying 8 of those 3m sanding blocks that they would all be used up and a return to the store for more would be necessary?  Well, I didn't know!  We have learned a lot this week!

Jennifer and I are so tired that we can't scratch our itches without hurting!

Here is a preview of one of the items we've been working on.  Hope you like it!

First are the before photos.  This is a buffet with beautiful lines, curves and details.  She was in rough shape when we bought her.  I must admit that the photos on CL did not show all of the problems and at first I was ready to kick her to the curb and count it as a lesson learned.  But then we decided, why not?  Let's see what we can do with her.  Let's give her some TLC and see how she responds.

Front Center of Buffet

A little drawer surgery!  Great Gorilla glue and strips of a canvas painters cloth did the trick.
The drawer at the top goes the length of the buffet.  I could fill it now with vintage napkins! 

Front Right Side of Buffet - look at that gorgeous knob!
And look at those legs - I think they rival Marilyn's, don't you?  Yum!
Maybe she could be a pin-up girl after all!

During Reconstructive Surgery - One leg piece was in the drawer and was successfully reattached! 
The other leg was like Clementine - lost and gone forever. 
This little lady was "rode hard and put up wet!" 
I wish she could live with me forever.
Do you fall in love with the furniture pieces you revamp? 
I  may cry when/if someone carts her off at Round Top!

Buffet Top - poor little neglected thing!

Now, she's ready for her close-up, thank you very much!  Isn't she just beautiful! 
Jennifer did a wonderful job bringing out the details on the front!  I love it!

Do you care about the missing toes? 
The next part will be the glazing and distressing.  I'm not sure if I can bring myself to do it!  When other people do that, it always looks so great, but I'm so afraid that I'll mess it up...yikes!

More to come tomorrow!  Plus in a future Round Top installment - the story of the table top that I stained and stripped three times and finally gave up and moved on to my new favorite primer!  Lesson learned?  If the stain doesn't go on evenly the first time, or the second time, or even the third time, it is not going on evenly ever!  I'm stubborn that way!


P.S.  What thought processes do y'all go through to price your furniture to sell?  =)



Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

That looks beautiful!!!
You are going to have
so much fun at Round Top!!!
I can't wait to see pictures ~


cherry said...

I love this buffet! More than that I love your writing, humor & you! Miss you girl! This article is a great reminder of the Paula I love! Are you moving back to AR?