Friday, March 4, 2011

Do It Yourself Chic

Paula, found a new website & we've been drooling over all of their items.  

Just by the pictures I chose, I lean towards the architectural, but
this site caters to all tastes & carries the more shabby items.
Applique Rosettes

Four Applique Corners

Applique Shield

Applique Cherub - - How adorable would this be on the corner of your dresser?

(I'd put this on my kitchen cabinets!!)
The glass knobs from Do It Yourself Chic are amazingly priced!!

Rose Knobs...Incredible

They have architectural & floral appliques, amazing knobs, decorative trims,
baskets, bows, drops, roses, swags, & wreaths. (the applique kind)
Mercy, you could make your own tremeau!

It is all about the details. 
The details are what makes design special & sets it apart from all the rest.
I call accessories, whether tabletop or on furniture, CANDY.
The details are the icing on the cake!

Jennifer Lynette

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