Friday, January 28, 2011

So - Who Are We?

Hi Y'all - Paula here!

So, are we Lulu's Designs or are we Southern Shop Girls?  Well, we're a little of both! 

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 Remember Meg Ryan as the owner of "The Shop Around the Corner" in You've Got Mail?  We love that movie!  Meg's character, Kathleen Kelly, used "Shop Girl" as her screen name.  We couldn't be the shop around the corner, because we aren't in a physical shop, so we decided to be Shop Girls and then we added the Southern because we are proud of our Southern roots.  These days the URL address that you fancy may not always be available on the www.  Apparently there are lots of ladies who want to be "Shop Girl"!

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That brings us to Lulu's.  My mom's middle name is Lou.  She has dementia and it's a very sad disease.  Recently, she asked me why I didn't name Jennifer after her and call her Lou Lou.  (It took her thirty years to ask me that!)  I must admit it never occurred to me to use Mom's middle name.  So in honor of my mom and Jennifer's grandmother, we decided to use Lulu.  Back to those pesky URLs.  Tons of ladies like Lulu's too!  We had to do some quick thinking so we combined the best of both worlds.  Our Etsy shop and blog title are Lulu's Designs.  But we are Southern Shop Girls.  Is everyone thoroughly confused?  =)  Hope not! 

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In You've Got Mail everything worked out in the end.  Boy got girl, girl got boy and they lived happily ever after.  Lulu's and Southern Shop Girls will work out in the end too and we are hoping for the happily ever after!  On Etsy our URL is Southern Shop Girls but our blog URL is Lulu's Designs.  We tried and tried to find some better combination but this is the best we could do! 

Jennifer and I are preparing for our space at Old Henry's Farm in, Round Top, TX - the biggest show on earth for the antiques show in late March, early April!  As we find things to take and gussie them up, we'll post befores and afters and get your two cents worth.  This is all new to us - so help will be appreciated!  We have sold antiques and vintage items before but that was a few years ago before all this painting became "the thing" to do.  We are changing how we look at things. 

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