Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Broken AC and it's 104 degrees outside!

Hi Y'all!  Paula here~

Monday, July 4th we arrived home from a long weekend trip to Arkansas to visit our parents.  The minute we walked in the house, we realized that we had an air conditioner not working.  Whew, was it hot!

The unit that was out was the one in the public areas of the house.  Until it's repaired, we are living in the bedrooms, taxing the working AC and waiting for a new fan motor to arrive.  We are so very grateful for a working unit and that we have a cool place to be. 

Hope all of you are doing well.  We are behind on writing and reading.  This summer we've been absent a lot. That makes us feel like something is missing from our lives!  Hoping to be back with it and y'all later in the week.

Our hands are itching to shop - maybe at a few estate sales or an indoor flea market to find some treasures.  You know what?  I just don't want to venture outside much when the temps are three digits.  I'm a gotta-be-cool kind of girl. When I sweat, I don't glisten like Southern ladies do, I just drip sweat! 

Hope all of you had a wonderful 4th with family and friends.  Noble loved the fireworks that we got and shot off at my parent's home.  Little towns allow such things and it was such fun to be able to do that!  I think that the five adults had as much fun as the three year old!  We had a few "big" ones that even went sort of high in the sky like those in the photo above!   We love this holiday to celebrate our country's birthday. 

What have you been up to?  Working on projects or working to stay cool?  Or is it even hot in your area?  I read a blog just a bit ago and the writer mentioned that on Monday while celebrating, no jackets were needed after the sun went down.  I can't even imagine!  We definitely do not need jackets!  =)

God Bless America!